My name is Sebastian, Co-founder and CEO of Exodus Watch Company, and together with my co-founder Aundrea Johnson, we launched Exodus Watch Co. We're a Canadian-based retail watch company that aims to provide individuals with high-quality watches and user experiences while also advocating for positive mental health. 

As someone who has personally struggled with mental health in the past, I understand the importance of milestones and personal journeys in life. Everybody is different. However, everybody can strive to feel better tomorrow, regardless of circumstance. Exodus is here to remind you of that. 

Sebastian Wasilik, Co-founder & CEO


The term Exodus (ex·o·dus, Greek origin) refers to a mass departure of people. The beginning of a new journey reflective of time as well as change. Exodus aims to recognize the time and change of each individualistic journey in life as a symbolic timepiece on your wrist. Our watches are made of high-quality material, affordable, and designed to give the sense of confidence and fashion everybody deserves. 

As a partner of The Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington, Exodus donates 10% of profits towards mental health initiatives that will better the lives of those struggling with mental health. With Exodus, your personal journey and time is precious. Your time is now. 


Our brand goes beyond watches. We're committed to spreading optimism and positivity through our content creation and positive messaging.

Our brand revolves around improving mental heath and well-being through content like self-care strategies, comforting videos, and so much more.

Exodus Watch Co. honours those that honour themselves and their journey with intent.


Aundrea and I have always talked about starting a business together. We've dreamt of what it would be like to create something from start to finish, have our own schedules, and be the creators of our own path. After countless late nights, redesigns, and pizza runs later, we were able to make that dream a reality with Exodus Watch Co.

It's been so much fun (and certainly scary at times) watching Exodus grow from just a concept in our minds, to a full-fledged brand. And the best part? Getting to share this journey with someone you love.

Come share the journey with us and check out our Tiktok for a behind-the-scenes look at how Exodus operates, our struggles, our successes, and see us grow as business owners and as a couple.

Sebastian & Aundrea, Co-Founders EWC